The CV Junction refers to a bony enclosure where the occipital bone surrounds the foramen magnum, the atlas & the axis vertebrae. Because of the complex structures, CVJ instability is associated with diagnostic and therapeutic problems. The CV junction is a transition site between the mobile cranium and the relatively rigid spinal column. It is also the site of medullo spinal junction. 

This is an uncommon site for tumors, including rare tumors of the lower cranial nerves carnival nerves or upper cervical roots. 

Pathology of CV Junction includes stenosis of the foramen magnum from the downward displacement of the cerebellar tonsils, so-called Arnold-Chiari malformation, treated with decompression of the foramen magnum and C1 laminectomy. The craniovertebral junction is also an essential region for anatomic stability of the articulation of the head and spine; instability of the craniovertebral junction usually requires stabilization (fusion) of the atlas, axis, and the occiput, for conditions as varied as infection, tumor, iatrogenic, rheumatic instability, and congenital instability.

  • Treatment Options

    All the reducible CV Junction Anomalies are better treated with surgical modality. The irreducible anomalies are immobilized with Philadelphia collar or halo brace and managed conservatively. And the various treatments are as follows: 

    •  Foramen Magnum Decompression
    • It is done by the Suboccipital craniectomy and removal of the posterior arch of Atlas. Most commonly done in Arnold Chiari Malformations.
    • C1 C2 Wiring: Sublaminar titanium wires fix C1 & C2 by Gallies fusion, Brooke’s fusion, and Sonntag fusion techniques.
    • C1 C2 Fixation: Commonly done by C1Lateral mass & C2 pedicle screw fixation by Harms Technique, Transarticular screws by Maegerl’s technique, and Translaminar screw fixation in suspected vertebral artery anomalous course with fear of vertebral artery injury.
    • Occipitocervical Fusion: It is done by titanium Contoured rod or loop with screw fixation. This technique is gaining popularity nowadays because of better postoperative outcomes.
    • Transoral Odointoidectomy: Transoral excision of Odontoid is done by que, transpalatal,transpharyngeal routes, also by transnasal endoscopic route to relieve the ventral compression.

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