Why choose us?

Shriram Spine Hospital offers Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MISS) that uses advanced retractors and implant systems to do common spine surgeries by the KEY HOLE technique.

It also provides many potential benefits, such as small incisions, less cutting through soft tissues (eg.ligaments, muscles), less postoperative pain, and faster recovery. The standard procedures include MIS TLIF, MicroDiscectomy, and Cervical Laminoforaminotomy. 

Neuro-Monitoring System (NIM Eclipse) is beneficial during specific surgical procedures like Scoliosis and Kyphosis, where there is a risk to the nervous system.

Intraoperative monitoring helps:

  • To localize neural structures,
  • To test the functions of these structures,
  • For early detection of intraoperative neural injury, allowing for immediate corrective measures.


Medtronic Burr (MIDAS REX)

The Medtronic Midas Rex system is a pneumatically operated surgical instrument system. The pneumatic motors provide the power to operate removable rotating surgical cutting tools. It is intended for use in neurosurgery, including craniotomy and spinal surgery.


Shriram Spine Hospital has an advanced MRI center with the latest technology. 

1.5T GE SIGNA (HDXT 16 CHANNEL) HDXT offers advanced applications and toolsets that enable high-level accuracy, productivity, and reliability in high-definition imaging.


Bone Mineral Density (BMD Lunar ARIA)

The DEXA BMD test uses a particular machine to measure bone density. This test is safe and painless, and it provides essential information about your bone health.


  • You get high-quality images in less than 60 seconds.
  • It focuses on the most critical scan sites: spine, femur, and forearm.

Shriram Spine Hospital prioritizes the patient’s care and safety and believes in providing superior and advanced treatments. With fully functional Intensive Care Units and rooms with all the amenities, Shriram Spine Hospital believes in the combination of care and comfort. The hospital provides emergency services and post-treatment care to the patients that help them move towards a better comfortable life. 

With its endeavors, Shriram Spine Hospital has assisted a large number of patients in leading a life devoid of any abnormality or pain.