Kubja Trust

Kubja, a charitable trust, began in the continuation of SACT. SACT (Save a child trust) was started in 2009 in association with GBH American Hospital, where Dr. Chirayu Pamecha worked as a spine surgeon from 2006 to 2012. 

SACT was started with a vision to help children with Scoliosis. In the time span of 4 years, more than 20 children with complex spinal deformities were successfully operated.

In August 2012, Shriram Spine Hospital was founded. In order to continue the idea of SACT, KUBJA was registered as a charitable trust on 21/11/2012.

KUBJA is a Hindu mythological story. The project was started in August 2012 to help children with spinal deformities. It is, therefore, a unique attempt that commits to the idea that every child, regardless of financial situation, deserves world-class medical treatment.


The sole mission of KUBJA is to subsidize the cost of treatment, including spinal surgery, by providing financial assistance to those children who come from economically weaker sections of the society to help them lead a normal and healthy life.

Kubja has taken a number of initiatives in order to realize its mission. Major activities of Kubja include:

  1. Providing a free spine deformity clinic at Shriram Spine Hospital whenever a free patient comes to the OPD.
  2. Providing free consultation and x-rays.
  3. If the surgery is required, it is undertaken at an extremely subsidized charge, i.e., providing the labor of the doctors involved at a very subsidized or zero cost. (Low-Cost Spine Surgery)
  4. Raising funds to assist in the costly implant used in the deformity correction surgery.
  5. Conducting awareness and training programs for health workers and nurses to screen children early and at regular intervals.

KUBJA shares the dream of spreading the smile and happiness in the lives of children. The sole aim is to first cover the entire nation and then expand the services globally. 

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