Frequently Asked Questions

Most wanted questions & answers

How can I book an appointment?

You will be able to book an appointment either online at or call us at 9875127127 or can mail for any further inquiries at .

How do I schedule medical appointments with specialists at Shriram Spine Hospital?

You or your attendant can contact via telephone, email, or letter. You quickly get the details available at the Contact us section of our website. Alternatively, you can also fill in the form available on the website in the Contact Us division.

What information must be provided while making a medical appointment?

All the information relevant to your medical conditions must be provided by you, like scans, any medical history, current medications, precautions, etc. And if you have been referred by, then please carry the contact details of the doctor, whosoever has directed you to us.

Can I go for an appointment with a specialist at Shriram Spine Hospitals, without having any referral with another doctor?

Yes. You can contact directly, and after the appointment, you may visit for a check-up. Further, you may have a face-to-face consultancy with the expert doctors there and provide them the particulars regarding your medical history and treatment sought. Thereby, after having an appropriate conversation with our expert doctors, our experts will recommend the best possible treatment after being adequately satisfied.

Is there someone to guide on the duration and cost of treatments?

Yes. Once you are done with the proper consultancy, the appropriate specialist, there will be a team to guide you on a complete plan on the approximate length of stay, the total cost of the treatment, and the necessary pre/post-treatment care.