About Us

Shriram Spine Hospital brings excellence in the field of spinal surgery to the state of Rajasthan and the neighbouring states of North India. It is well known as a spine specialist centre. Established in 2013, Shriram Spine Hospital represents the vision of Dr Chirayu Pamecha of creating a world renowned centre dedicated to providing spinal treatments at an affordable price to everyone. 

Shriram Spine hospital is equipped with all the necessary medical emergencies. The hospital is well facilitated with air conditioned well furnished deluxe rooms, general wards, emergency room, surgical ICU with Ventilators. Besides highly qualified medical, nursing, and health care services, Shriram Spine Hospital offers advanced equipment for diagnosis, 24/7 emergency facility, and 24/7 critical care ambulance. 

Our vision

Shriram Spine Hospital envisions to cure the patients with spinal problems with best of expertise, advanced technology, and to provide a patient friendly health care facility for treatment and healing. Sriram Spine Hospital with its team of highly expert medical staff is committed to bring the most cutting edge technology in the field of spine surgery and offer the patients safe spine surgery in India. 

Our misson

To achieve this mission, Shriram Spine Hospital is guided by the following statements:

  • Provide a comprehensive range of spinal services
  • Maintain highest standards
  • Develop a patient friendly environment so that it is accessible by all sections of the society
  • Provide comprehensive spinal treatment from intensive care, non surgical intervention to spinal surgery with rehabilitation
  • Provide transparent and informed treatment